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At GOAStudio London residential architecture we have extensive experience with working with the Newham planning department and we are familiar with all the relevant planning policies that might apply for your home project.

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Your brief requirements, the setting of the property, and the immediate context of the property are some of the factors that will determine what home alterations the Newham planners will be prepared to allow. We will advise you about what is reasonable to expect to get approval, what might be tricky but possible, and what most likely the planners will say no to.

According to the Newham 2027 – Newham’s Local Plan Altering and Extending your Home Supplementary Planning Document these are some of the key considerations that will determine the outcome of your planning application.

Below we have copied and highlighted extracts of the most relevant current policy and advice for your home project.



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Summary planning and design guide | Newham residential architect advice

At GOAStudio London residential architecture we have extensive experience with working with the Newham planning department and we are familiar with all the relevant planning policies that might apply for your home project.

Achieving a High Quality of Urban Design

An extension should be an attractive development which compliments the character and appearance of the original house and the group of buildings of which it forms a part.

We Recommend:

  • That any works to the front of your property should seek to complement and enhance the original character of your home and the wider streetscene.
  • That new extensions should generally try and replicate the style, design and detailing of the original house. Where original architectural details to the house have been lost, these should be reinstated to enhance the character of the home and the wider streetscene.
  • That in some instances, particularly where the street scene will not be affected, high quality contemporary extensions design solutions may be appropriate.
  • That all new extensions, whether of traditional or contemporary design, should be constructed from materials of the highest quality to complement or appropriately contrast to the original house
  • That any new extension should be subservient to the original house and demonstrate clear set backs from existing elevations.
  • That roof pitches and slopes on new extensions should match the original house where practicable.
  • That an alteration at roof level should seek to preserve the character of the original house by maintaining street facing roof slopes, ridge lines and chimneys. In addition all parapet walls and eaves should be retained where practicable.
  • That all outbuildings should be small in scale, built from high quality materials and maintain the openness and outlook of the rear garden.

Neighbourly Development

Neighbours have the right to enjoy their home without intrusion from inappropriate development at adjoining properties.  Extensions will be expected to be designed to be respectful of neighbouring privacy, daylight and outlook.

We Recommend:

  • All new extensions should ensure that reasonable levels of sunlight and daylight to neighbours’ rooms and outdoor garden/amenity space are maintained.
  • All new extensions should ensure that the privacy and outlook of neighbouring amenity  is not harmfully compromised.
  • Where a proposed extension shares or forms a common boundary with a neighbouring property, special consideration of the points outlined above will need to be demonstrated.

Delivering Sustainability

Your extension should be designed and constructed to deliver sustainable development which respects the environment. Extensions are an excellent opportunity to incorporate renewable energy sources and to provide urban greening to your home.

We Recommend:

  • That any proposed extension or alteration to your home promotes and enhances biodiversity through the use of; green/living roofs, green walls, planting, garden landscaping and methods to support local wildlife.
  • Established trees, hedges and other natural features should be preserved, relocated or their loss appropriately mitigated.
  • Extensions should be energy efficient and incorporate renewable energy sources where practicable.
  • All new paving, driveways and patio areas should be constructed from permeable materials or incorporate sustainable urban drainage techniques to reduce surface water run-off.

Meeting the Needs of Homeowners

An extension at your property should be carefully designed to work well for you and your family, for visitors and for future residents.  It should be well laid out, bright, spacious and accessible for all.

We Recommend:

  • All internal rooms (including those being remodelled or realigned) should be well lit by daylight, retain their outlook and be naturally vented through opening windows.
  • The sizes of all internal rooms proposed should be appropriate in size for the purpose they are designed for. N.B. (Minimum standards for rooms are outlined within the London Plan).

GOAStudio London residential architecture and interior design is an award-winning practice, specialising in architectural services for residential projects across London.

As your local residential architect our team aims to provide a friendly and professional service for your home project.

Our approach is based on carefully considering the particular aspects of each scheme before coming up with a creative way for you to instil your unique stamp on what we do and how we do it. 

Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and Architects Registration Board (ARB).

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 Newham residential architect projects

For more information about the Newham planning department, policies and requirements please click the link above to be re-directed to the Newham Council website.

Name and origin

One of the few borough names not to derive directly from ancient roots. Newham was formed in 1965 from East Ham and West Ham, the ‘new’ bit conjured up to declare that, yes, this political entity is new. The ‘ham’ part of the name indicates, in this case, low-laying land surrounded by marsh. []

Newham planning department

You will probably need planning permission if you want to build something new, make a major change to your home – e.g. building an extension, or change the use of your property. There are different rules depending on what you want to do and the relevant planning policy that applies to your property. At GOAStudio London residential architecture we have a proud record of dealing with the local authority planners and building control inspectors and we are on hand to assist with your application and successfully handle every stage of your project.

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