Kitchen extensions London

At GOA Studio, our award-winning practice has ample experience in transforming kitchens across London. Whether you’re looking to maintain traditional London build features, or add a contemporary twist on a classic design, we can make your vision a reality.

Designing The Ideal Kitchen Extension

The traditional kitchen is no more. With our current fast-paced lifestyle, a kitchen has to offer so much more functionality than simply a place to cook and store food.

A kitchen may be a place for the family to gather, it may be a space to unwind and relax after a hard day, the room where you can switch off and focus on your hobbies, it may be the life and soul of the party. Whatever you want your kitchen to be, it is likely that it needs to be layered with functionality, which is why kitchen extension design is so crucial.

Increase Your Home’s Potential

Elverson Road SE13 Lewisham Architect designed kitchen extension scaled Kitchen extensions London | Home designWith a kitchen offering so much with its fluidity and flexibility, the right kitchen extension can dramatically improve your home for the better. A kitchen extension doesn’t need to be big for you to rethink the way you want to live and how you can better enjoy your space.

What a kitchen extension design does provide, however, is a chance you to uncover what a kitchen really means to you. A kitchen has an incredible power in being able to open up your home to make a much more enjoyable and inviting space.

Getting Started: Kitchen Design Inspiration

Architect designed Putney Wandsworth SW6 kitchen house extension Finishes and materials 1024x683 Kitchen extensions London | Home designWhether you’re considering a kitchen renovation or extending your home, the first consideration should be how you want to use the space. Simply making your kitchen larger will not help to improve your home, unless you know how to make the space more functional.

It can help to spend some time determining how you interact with the kitchen. Is it a place of refuge, a gateway to your outdoor space or a busy, bustling hub of the home? Does it blend seamlessly with the other rooms of the home, does it have distinct zones, or does everything seem to collide in one space?

There are lots of aspects that you can incorporate into your kitchen design. Knowing what the non-negotiables and the nice-to-have elements are can really help you when searching for kitchen design inspiration.

Aspects you may need to consider include;

  • More space for cooking
  • A dining area
  • A kitchen island or breakfast bar
  • Seating areas
  • Smart technology and appliances
  • A link to the garden
  • A feeling of outdoor living
  • More natural light
  • Increased space with extra height
  • Improved accessibility
  • Seamless integration with other rooms of the house
  • Open plan, zonal layout or defined and enclosed.

When you start considering what you want from your kitchen, it becomes much easier to seek out design inspiration based more specifically on your kitchen aspirations.

Architect designed Kilburn Brent NW2 kitchen house extension Kitchen 200x200 Kitchen extensions London | Home design
Architect designed Putney Wandsworth SW6 kitchen house extension Connecting to the rear garden Kitchen extensions London | Home design
East Finchley Barnet N2 House extension Kitchen view out 200x200 Kitchen extensions London | Home design
Architect designed flat extension Warwick Avenue Westminster W9 Kitchen area Kitchen extensions London | Home design

Architect Designed Kitchen Extension

Architect designed rear house extension Highgate Haringey N6 – Kitchen area 300x199 Kitchen extensions London | Home designThe right kitchen will be a space that can transform over time, yet still offer the level of functionality and flexibility that you require. Our needs and requirements for the kitchen can change over time. For example, the play area may become office space, or a utility room may become a downstairs bathroom. Of course, you don’t want to re-extend your home every time your requirements alter, which is why getting the extension design just right the first time is so crucial.

Having an architect-led kitchen extension can be so important to make sure your space meets your needs now and in the future. Architects know that a kitchen extension means more than simply having a bigger space. They get to know the workings of the home, the personality of its occupants and create a flexible but perfectly designed space that really works for your home. This is complete with all of the layered functionality it needs now and will require over time.

With an architect supporting your kitchen design, you can not only think about the practicalities of a building extension, but you can see how your space can be better designed to suit your lifestyle. Yes, you’ll have more space, but you’ll also be making the most of your existing space to create a home that is much more versatile and built with personality in mind.

An architect won’t simply be giving you more space to cook but will create a lifestyle space that offers you more of what you love.

How Can An Architect Help With Your Kitchen Design?

Architect designed roof and kitchen house extension Kingston KT2 View to the garden 300x200 Kitchen extensions London | Home designAs well as being able to see the bigger picture and longer-term plan for your property, an architect can take into account all of the aspects of planning and budgeting for an extension.

An architect will cover all considerations such as;

  • The client brief and their long-term needs
  • The budget and potential added value to the property
  • Planning applications and permissions
  • Quality, adaptability and longevity of the build
  • Relevant design inspiration
  • The flexibility and transitional elements of the design
  • Its functionality, smart capabilities and integrated technologies
  • Lighting, ventilation and heating
  • Kitchen cabinetry and furniture.

An architect experienced in kitchen extension design will have many valuable contacts in the industry. This can help you to source the right contractors and the right products and solutions for your home. An architect can not only help you to get started with the design but can offer the expertise that will carry through the whole home extension project.

Maintaining Character With Your Kitchen Extension

High Barnet EN5 Residential extension locally List 81249e395aa07df6a4fb161956d1ac66 Kitchen extensions London | Home designThe period features or character of your home may provide some indication of how your kitchen extension can take place. You may want to remain true to its current style; you may prefer a degree of artistic licence to help blend two styles together.

With an architect there to support your design, they will know best how to create harmony throughout your space. Remember, you don’t have to lose character by adapting the space. If your Victorian terrace feels like it lacks in light and space, then a double-height extension can offer the freshness and lightness you’re looking for. At the same time, subtle building features and continuing the same width of the property can maintain that characterful feeling.

Similarly, if your home gives the feeling that your kitchen was an afterthought and tucked away in the corner of a house, then your kitchen extension may not be quite where you expect it. It may make more sense to move the kitchen to another space in the home and create a kitchen extension there.

Many homeowners limit their design ideas based on the original purpose of the room. However, with an architect designing a new vision for the property, you may be able to reimagine the space, switch rooms around and the kitchen extension may still happen, but not quite where you expected it. However, even if you do switch the layout around, you can still maintain the same home features which give your property its heritage.

This shows why an architect can be so instrumental in a kitchen extension design. They will be able to look beyond the four walls to create the space and functionality you dream of. With their design expertise and an extensive portfolio to draw inspiration from, architects can offer solutions that many homeowners wouldn’t think possible.

Kitchen Extension Ideas And Types

With kitchen extension designs, the opportunities really are endless, especially when you consider that you may be able to move your kitchen entirely. However, for many properties, kitchen extension types typically fall into some of these most popular categories;


For kitchens that struggle with natural light, then a glass extension, complete with large windows, French doors and a glass roof can help to flood the space with natural light. It can create a space full of natural energy and calm. With this type of kitchen extension, your kitchen will change in response to the sky. From the brightness of a breakfast room to the sunset glow over supper; your space offers a different feel throughout the day and throughout the seasons too.

This type of kitchen extension can be ideal for kitchens that are multi-functional, such as being a busy space in the morning, doubling up as a work from home space in the day to having relaxed family meals in the evening. 

Side Extension

This type of extension is ideal for making the most of underutilised space where an alley might have been while not compromising on garden space. A side extension may only be a few feet but can really make all the difference to the space of the kitchen and its uses.

Wraparound Extensions

These extensions incorporate both available side space and rear space to expand your interior living environment. With these, skylight windows and roof wells are common for the side return aspect of the extension. The rear extension will make the most of strategic lighting, windows, and doors to create the perfect ambience. With wraparound extensions, they offer incredible flexibility and a great deal of space; they are perfect for a show-stopping design.

Flat Extensions

Many flat owners believe their extension plans are limited. However, there can often be many solutions for how to remodel and adapt the property while respecting the character and nature of the property. For ground floor flats, the easiest option may be to extend to the rear of the property. However, there are several different ways you can achieve a kitchen extension, even if you believe your existing space is limited.

Kitchen/Diner Extension

This is a popular option for those who are looking to integrate their kitchen and dining room into a more open-plan solution. With this type of extension, you can increase the functionality of the kitchen with more space for cooking, but also create an inviting entertaining space that can bring everyone together.

Double Height Extensions

As well as a two-storey extension which may be beneficial if your home requires more space, a double height extension will give you much more vertical space to play with. As well as a light and airy feel, you can also increase the natural light of the space and be able to capitalise on inventive storage options and stylish features thanks to the benefits of having a high ceiling.

Victorian Kitchen Extensions

Many properties in London are rich in Victorian features. Understandably, many people want to respect the character. However, they also create a space that works better for the modern lifestyle. An architect can help to create a kitchen extension that respects its age and character and can either be sympathetic to the design or juxtapose the traditional element while still maintain a sense of harmony.

Kitchen Co-Ordinations With GOA Studio

Once you have perfected your ideal kitchen design, the next stage is to add the features to will take your kitchen to the next level. At GOA Studio, we work closely with Kitchen Co-Ordination and German kitchen manufacturer, Rational. Kitchen Co-Ordination focus on creating high-quality, exceptionally functional kitchens that stand the test of time.

The reason why we partner with Kitchen Co-Ordination is that our architects know that it is the small and ingenious touches that actually make all the difference to kitchen design. While our designs focus on the unconsidered, Kitchen Co-Ordination offers a range of solutions with the small but inventive details that bring a kitchen together.

From worktops based on your height to incredibly spacious corner storage to peg systems, roller shutters and soft-close solutions, Kitchen Co-Ordination considers every aspect. Their designs can add the final flourish and finishing touches that give your kitchen more enjoyment and more value.


Your Kitchen Extension: Time To Transform Your Living Space

Architect designed residential extension Stoneleigh KT17 – View from kitchen area Kitchen extensions London | Home designIf you’re ready to tailor your home around your lifestyle, then the kitchen is the ideal place to start. Being the hub and heart of your home means that it can influence all of your other spaces and provide the functionality that your home needs.

At GOA Studio, our award-winning practice has ample experience in transforming kitchens across London. Whether you’re looking to maintain traditional London build features, or add a contemporary twist on a classic design, we can make your vision a reality.

We hope this guide has put you on the right path of the different design elements, extension styles and features that you could include into your space. You can also explore our portfolio of kitchen extension design ideas which will give you an insight into how we work and the transformations we can make happen.

If you need any further advice or have any questions about our kitchen extension design service, please do not hesitate to get in touch.