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Why should people appoint an architect instead of managing their own project?

You appoint an architect for the wealth of their experience and the knowledge they have accumulated over years, rather than just for their ideas.

An experienced architect is your insurance policy to ensure your project is run as smoothly as possible and you want to invest in their skills and know-how to guide you through the regulations, obligations, and approvals you need to obtain for your project.

And of course, architects will come with a tonne of ideas about how to maximise what you can achieve, how to make your home more energy efficient, how to retain the character of your property while adding contemporary touches and ultimately how to make your home a joy to live in. I would say I am a contemporary London architect when it comes to style however this translates in a variety of designs and approaches in how this gets applied from project to project.

What type of projects get you most excited?

Looking back, I have always been involved with designing projects with a strong connection to historical and heritage context or with buildings that were environmentally conscious.

And as it happens these are still the type of projects I am very passionate about working on today.

This is because there is always something unique about environmental and heritage projects, no two properties are the same, no two clients have the same requirements and priorities. It is the bespoke way you engage with both the building and the client that is fundamental to developing and executing each project.

I guess what these projects have in common is that as an architect you are required to look carefully at what is there, to understand what the requirements are before you are able to discover their full potential.

I take the same consistent approach for all projects I work on as an architect and it is very exciting when you get a chance to come up with something unique that makes the client happy.

In developing a style for a client’s property who takes the lead or is it a collaborative effort?

All projects I work on must be collaboration between GOAStudio and the client.

At the start of a project, we must listen to the client and make a map of their requirements, likes, and style of their ideal home.

For me, collaborating with a client is about asking the right questions to help reveal what the homeowners like, what their needs and priorities are, and to understand what really matters.

From there we will make suggestions and present a range of options and ideas to the homeowner. As an architect I then lead the design development process to benefit the project.

In this partnership I am the one with the wealth of experience and it is my job to plan, control and manage the process as well as to advise the client how we can maximise what we can achieve with their project.

Is there a project that you are most proud of?

I am proud of every single project we have designed and I have been involved with.

Since 2009 our projects have featured in a number of publications and magazines. This is always satisfying both for ourselves and for the homeowner.
As an architect you immerse yourself in the design of a project from its infancy, you find a way to look beyond its impossibilities, you have the light-bulb moments.

And the aim is to come up with a beautiful and carefully resolved design that eventually becomes someone’s home long after you had anything you do with it.

A happy client is what you end up being the most proud of because this is the measure of success in everything you do as an architect.

And outside work?

When it comes to football I find time to follow the black and amber of Hull City AFC, and I also find time to play some basketball every week. We have two little ones and you might find me with the Bee and the little Bees out and about around Walthamstow.


GOAStudio London residential architecture was set up in 2009 with the intention to provide architectural services and assist home owners who were looking to find a contemporary London architect for their home project. Its design philosophy and architectural style is rather contemporary in nature, with a focus on sustainable design and expertise when it comes to dealing with Listed buildings and with developments in conservation areas.

George Omalianakis, BA (Hons) B.Arch Pg Dip ARB RIBA is an RIBA contemporary London architect with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), registered with the Architects Registration Board (ARB), and has extensive experience in working on a variety of residential, commercial and educational sectors, including on RIBA award winning projects.



GOAStudio London residential architecture limited in partnership with The Answer Centre.

Working with consultants

We have teamed up with other consultants in order to offer an extended service to our clients. Once we have discussed the project requirements and identified the project needs we will advise on what other professionals will need to come onboard; the appointment of other professionals is made directly by the client.

1. Structural engineering services

The services of a structural engineer are often needed at the Building Regulations stage; the engineer is the professional who is qualified to calculate loads, specify the size of beams/columns and design foundations based on specific structural loads.

2. Kitchen design and supply services

We recommend:

Kitchen Co-ordination

“Kitchen Co-Ordination is a London based Design Studio specialising in Rational Contemporary – Modern German Kitchens. Kitchen Coordination designs stunning, quality, contemporary kitchens to fit around your life. Every one of our kitchens is unique. Designed to suit you and built to last.  

We offer a truly personal service from our first meeting through to the first cup of coffee in your new kitchen. We also offer a fully project managed service and will work closely with your builder or architect. We make sure every kitchen installation runs as smoothly as possible.”

3. Landscape architect services

We also like to work with landscape architects who can bring  a lot to the table when it comes to considering external spaces in more detail. Often a garden is not only the functional area where family life takes place; a landscaped garden is often the main view, the focal point and an extension of a living area and a beautiful external space can add a lot to the home living experience.

Working with building suppliers

Finding a reliable, understanding and trustworthy builder can be a job in itself at the best of times. Over the years and through many projects, we have established working relationships with a number of builders operating across London.

Once the design has been completed, the local authority approvals have been obtained and a tender package of information has been produced, GOAStudio can recommend builders who we have worked with in the past and who have successfully completed projects for our clients.

We have worked with the building suppliers below and we are happy to recommend them for your project.

IQ Glass UK

For structural glass assemblies to residential projects we would like to recommend:


IQ Glass are the UK’s premier residential glazier, specialising in architectural glazing services, large sliding glass doors and contemporary glass constructions. IQ Glass UK can offer a specialist glazing service to all glass elements of a build.

Contact IQ Glass to visit their showroom – the largest residential glazing showroom in the UK: The Courtyard Showroom, Sky House, Raans Road, Amersham, HP6 6JQ.

We provide architectural services in the following London Boroughs:

Read our design, planning, and architectural guides above if you seek advice for your project.

We can help you with these home extensions and renovations:

See our guides above for ideas, inspiration and architectural advice for your home project.

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We specialise in

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  • Conservation areas
  • Listed Buildings
  • Homeowner architectural services
  • Developer architectural services

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