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“I need architectural advice before buying a property. What is the potential, how can I add value, and what alterations could I carry out to make it a dream home?”

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We provide home consultations to property buyers and homeowners who look to remodel and extend their homes.

Each consultation with a chartered architect costs £200.00, it will last up to two hours and we will have a chance to assess what you propose to do to your home, work on some initial sketches, and go through any design, construction and planning issues that might be relevant to your project.

An RIBA architect is the professional who can recognise the potential of a property to become your ideal home and foresee construction issues that, when identified at an early stage, can keep costs to a minimum. We will explore design ideas with you and show you the range of the options available so you find yourselves in a position to make the right choices about how best to move forward.

The home consultations take place at your home, or at the property you look to buy. Following this initial meeting we will further advise you on how to proceed with your project, provide you with a quote for the architectural services you will require and send you examples of similar projects we have carried out for more design ideas and inspiration.

Contact us to book a home consultation and for your initial enquiries.

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We are creative problem solvers who will deal with any construction, planning, and design issue relevant to your home project.

GOAStudio London residential architecture limited, 86-90 Paul Street, EC2A 4NE, Hackney

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