Planning approval for the addition of a single storey rear extension to a garden flat in Westminster, NW6. To include the replacement of windows to the front elevation.

 New planning approval Rear garden flat extension Westminster NW6

The new planning approval for a rear garden flat extension Westminster NW6 was issued by the Westminster planning department in October 2022.

We have recently obtained full planning approval for the erection of a single storey side and rear extension at lower ground floor level and replacement of windows to front elevation. This application was a renewal of previous expired granted planning permission granted in March 2017.

In terms of design, the extension will not be visible from the street and is considered to be in a sufficiently discreet location and subservient in scale as to ensure that is does not detract from the character of the property of the surrounding area constructed of appropriate materials. Furthermore there are other similar examples of extensions of this nature permitted along Kilburn Park Road.

The proposed works will include the use of high quality durable materials and double glazing which will increase the energy efficiency of the building. The proposals are considered to comply with the relevant policies and therefore be acceptable in terms of design and sustainability.

The internal layouts aim to improve the accommodation and to provide an openplan, flexible, and high quality floorspace and will allow diversity of use and multifunctional spaces for a wide range of occupants.

The proposed extension will comply with the minimum standards in the revised Building Regulations (June 2022) and includes a landscaped courtyard area to encourage biodiversity (Policy 34B Urban greening).

The proposed extension is set away from these windows by approximately 3.6m, as an area of yard has been left clear adjacent to the main rear elevation of the building. This keeps the additional bulk to the party wall away from these windows. While the windows will experience some increased sense of enclosure and may result in an impact on light, given the location of the extension, set away from the windows, and the orientation of the site, it is not considered that this would be so significant as to justify refusal. It is considered the height of the proposal is on balance acceptable in this instance in terms of the impact to the garden.

The proposal is therefore considered to comply with the relevant policies and be acceptable in terms of
residential amenity.

CONCLUSION – The application was recommended for approval.


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