Rear house extension Barnet EN4 – We were appointed to design the renovations and the addition of a rear extension for a single family dwelling at Barnet EN4.

We have just obtained planning approval for a single storey rear ground floor extension to create a combined kitchen, dining and living area that opens up to the rear garden.  

The approval also includes the addition of a raised rear terraced area with steps down to the lower garden area.

We are currently in the process of preparing the required technical and structural information we will need to obtain the next set of approvals before the contractors start with the building works later this year.

Here are extracts from the case officer’s report that explains how our proposals were assessed and approved by the Barnet planning department for this planning approval rear house extension Barnet EN4:

“The Council’s SPD ‘Residential Design Guidance’ states that extensions should normally be subordinate to the original house, respect the original building and should not be overly dominant. It further states that the depth of a single storey rear extension, normally considered acceptable for a semi-detached property is 3.5 metres.

The proposed extension would run along the boundary with the adjoining neighbour at Park Road. Its depth along this boundary would be 4m. Its width would span the full width of the property at 6.6m wide. The rear of the property sits on a decline resulting in a variance in height of the proposed extension. The eaves height would be 3m with a maximum height 5.7m from garden level.

The proposed extension at depth of 4m is not policy. However in the context of this particular site, both neighbour have either an existing ground floor elements in situ or set back in the plot. The character of the area is such that several neighbouring properties have benefited from rear extensions. In principle a single storey extension would, on its own, be appropriate.

Policy DM01 requires that all proposals should preserve and enhance the local character of the area. This proposal also includes a patio to the proposed single storey rear extension. The proposed rear patio would have a maximum depth of 1.4m.

The principle of a patio would not be considered of detriment to the character of the surrounding area, the depth and height of this proposal have been amended and when added to the proposed addition and 1.7m privacy screens, it is now considered to be appropriate.

Regarding the surrounding properties, it is notable that the immediate neighbouring properties do benefit from single storey rear extensions. The proposed amended impact of all the proposed elements, the overall scale would be an appropriate addition with the existing character of the host property not resulting in harm to character and appearance of the surrounding area.

Having taken all material considerations into account, it is considered that subject to compliance with the attached conditions, the proposed development would have an acceptable impact on the character and appearance of the application site, the street scene and the locality. The development is not considered to have an adverse impact on the amenities of neighbouring occupiers. This application is therefore recommended for approval.”

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