House extensions Ealing W3 – We were appointed to design the renovations and extensions for a single family dwelling at Ealing W3. We have just obtained planning approval for a single storey rear ground floor extension to create a combined kitchen, dining and living area that opens up to the rear garden. A separate submission to the Ealing planning department was made for extending the roof fully to the side and to the rear, this approval was also successfully obtained which allowed us to maximise what we could achieve for the property and for the homeowners.

We are currently in the process of preparing the required technical and structural information we will need to obtain the next set of approvals before the contractors start with the building works later this year.

Here are extracts from the case officer’s report that explains how our proposals were assessed and approved by the Ealing planning department for the single storey rear ground floor extension:

“Planning permission is sought for a single storey side and rear wrap-around extension (following demolition of existing rear extension). The proposed wrap around extension would be 2.96m deep along the eastern side elevation, 1.93m deep along the western side elevation. 4.14m wide and 2.8m high to the eaves.

Policy D4 of the London Plan (2021) states that development should be of a high quality design which responds to the pattern and grain of existing spaces and streets in terms of orientation, scale, proportion and mass, while incorporating the highest quality material and design appropriate to its context. These are supported by policy 7.4 of the Ealing Development Management DPD (2013) which states that developments should complement their street sequence, building pattern, scale, materials and detailing.

The proposed single storey wrap around extension would have an area of 11.7sqm, occupying 21.9% of the undeveloped curtilage surrounding the original dwellinghouse. The rear element would sit largely within the footprint of the existing 1.96m deep single storey rear extension, while the infill side and rear element would be 2.96m deep. With the limited 2.8m eaves height, the proposed extension would appear appropriately subordinate to the original dwellinghouse, while being constructed with material to match the original brick and fenestration details.

Overall, the proposal is not considered to incur unacceptable impacts on neighbours in terms of loss of light or privacy, in accordance with policy 7B of the Ealing’s Development Management DPD (2013) and policy D4 of the London Plan (2021).

Accordingly, it is recommended that planning permission be granted subject to conditions.”

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