Planning approval for a residential development and conversion to flats Hammersmith Fulham W6 – Erection of an additional floor at roof level; erection of front extensions at ground, first, second and third floor levels, and conversion of the ground floor garage into habitable accommodation; erection of a single storey rear extension; formation of a roof terrace at third floor level to the rear elevation; replacement of existing windows with new windows at the rear elevation; conversion of the existing dwellinghouse into 3 x 1 bedroom and 1 x 2 bedroom self-contained flats.

We are happy to announce we have successfully obtained a planning approval to extend a single family dwelling and convert it to a number of flats in Hammersmith Fulham W6. After working closely with Hammersmith and Fulham planners for a period of over two years we developed a scheme that creates additional residential units as part of this small development.

The existing dwelling is part of a residential terrace along Greyhound Road; a similar planning application for the creation of 4no. Flats was approved in 2016
(2016/05403/FUL) and it has now expired. A similar approval was implemented for the property next door at No99.

In summary we propose the following:
• A full height extension at the front on 4no. levels to bring the application property in line of the terrace and No.99 next door; the depth is to match the
depth approved previously for No99 and No101.
• The addition of a single storey 3.5m. deep rear ground floor extension.
• At the front elevation the size and spacing of the windows will match the pattern along the terrace.
• At the rear elevation we propose windows of the same size but the spacing will match the new internal floor levels and without the requirement for internal steps across the floor levels. To avoid having internal steps we propose a window pattern as described in the Architect’s drawings; such alterations to windows can be considered under Permitted Development.


Ground floor
Flat 1 (2no. bedroom; 3no. person): 67.7sqm and additional access to the rear
First floor
Flat 2 (2no. bedroom; 3no. person): 53sqm,
Second floor
Flat 3 (2no. bedroom; 3no. person): 53sqm,
Third floor
Flat 4 (1no. bedroom; 2no. person): 43.2 sqm; additional upper terrace amenity


We have considered the particulars of the property, its location, site restrictions and opportunities to upgrade the thermal performance of the property and to create new residential units that allow reduce energy use and carbon emissions. This is our proportionate response to the requirements of this project and we aim to
achieve the following for this residential development and conversion to flats Hammersmith Fulham W6.

• Green roof
For the ground floor rear extension roof we propose the use of Bauder Xero Flor XF301 Sedum Blanket Green roof system which is the lightest self-contained
sedum blanket system available.
Vegetation: Mixture of 11 sedum species, some mosses and grasses
Substrate: Selected porous aggregate and composted green waste
Carrier components: Polypropylene mesh bonded to a vapour permeable base carrier sheet with an integral moisture retention fleece that can absorb
and retain up to 5 Litres/m² of water.
BREEAM: Selecting native species plants within a blanket further enhances the provenance of the green roof and can secure additional credits within the
‘Land Use and Ecology’ section.

• Thermal performance and low air-permeability
We aim to use high performance insulation to the new cavity walls, roof space and ground floor areas to better the Building Regulations standards and Uvalue
requirements. During the technical / structural design stage we look to incorporate the Part L – Conservation of fuel and power – Accredited Construction Details (these details focus on the issues of insulation continuity minimising cold bridging and airtightness) and the BRE Certified Thermal Details and Products Scheme as part of this development.

• Glazing and windows
We propose new argon filled doubled glazed timber framed sash windows to replace the existing windows and to improve the thermal performance of the
fabric of the building. The new window frames will be made by FSC sourced timber sections.

There are intrinsic and undeniable environmental advantages of using timber in construction, including in the manufacturing of traditional timber sash
windows, when choosing wood from sustainably managed forests. Wood is naturally renewable, low carbon, and using wood helps take carbon from the atmosphere making it the most sustainable mainstream building

• Internal finishes and fittings
During the detailed design development stage we will focus on materials, finishes, fittings and systems with low environmental impact. This will include the use of low energy light fittings, low water use sanitary ware, green products and construction techniques with reference to the Greenspec® guides and product ratings.

• SUDs system
Please see information and construction details as prepared by AC Design Solutions limited.

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