Planning approval for residential development and conversion to flats Islington N7 – Single storey half-width upper floor rear extension, a new roof terrace, a new mansard roof extension, and internal alterations to create an additional 1bed flat over the upper ground floor level (new Flat B) while retaining an 2bed flat over the lower ground floor (Flat A) and retaining a 2bed flat over the two upper floors (new Flat C); associated alterations to the steps and railings at the front of the property.

We are happy to announce we have successfully obtained a planning approval to extend a single family dwelling and convert it to a number of flats in Islington N7.

This is a project we have been working on continuously since 2020 after close consultation with the Islington planning department. After a number of revisions and through a number of planning submission we have agreed a scheme that maximizes what it could be achieved for the property within the strict planning requirements for this property; this included a new mansard roof, a rear lower ground floor extension, a rear upper ground floor extension, and various internal and external alterations.

This is what the planners said about our proposals in regards to this residential development and conversion to flats Islington N7:

Lower Ground Floor Rear Extension
16. The proposed lower ground floor extension remains predominantly as approved by P2021/0028/FUL but would project 1m greater than the approved development, approximately 4.5 metres from the rear wall of the host property in total, it would also be full width and constructed to a height of 2.7 metres. It
is considered that the lower ground floor rear extension would be appropriately sized and appear subservient to the host building. It is also noted that a similarly scaled extension exists at the adjoining property.
17. The lower ground floor extension will be constructed using London stock brick to match the existing building, which is considered appropriate.
18. Safety balustrades would be installed on the roof of the lower ground floor rear extension. These would not be visible from the public realm and of a design, materiality that is considered appropriate in design terms. No objections are therefore raised in this regard.

Upper Ground Floor Rear Extension
19. The Islington Urban Design Guide SPD states that full width rear extensions higher than one storey, or half width rear extensions higher than two storeys, will normally be resisted, unless it can be shown that no harm will be caused to the character of the building and the wider area.
20. The proposed upper ground floor rear extension would be half width, and designed in a manner that is contextual and appropriate to the host building. Although double storey half width rear extensions are not commonplace within the terrace, there are examples of such extensions to the rear of No’s. 2 and 3 Medina Road. It is considered that the proposed half width upper ground floor rear extension would not be harmful to the character of the wider area in this instance.

Mansard Roof Extension
21. The proposed drawings also show a mansard roof extension, which appears to be consistent with that allowed by the planning inspectorate at the appeal of P2019/3056/FUL and as granted by the LPA under P2021/0028/FUL. The Planning Inspectorate concluded that the mansard roof extension was acceptable on the basis that it was of a scale and design that is similar to those that exist elsewhere within the terrace, particularly at the adjoining No.16 Medina Road. The roof extensions shown on the proposed drawings is consistent with that allowed at appeal and does not fall within this current
22. Overall, it is considered that the proposed extensions are acceptable in design terms and appear suitably subordinate to the host property. As such proposals are considered to adhere to with adopted policy DM2.1 of Islington Development Management Policies 2013 and advice contained within Islington’s Urban Design Guide 2017.

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