Planning approval conservation area Harrow HA5 – Addition of a new front porch, enclosing an existing veranda area at the rear to create a new guest room, and minor external alterations including to windows and doors.

We are happy to announce that we obtained a new planning approval to carry out extensions and alterations to a house in a conservation area at Harrow, HA5.

This was a follow up application on the back of a previous approval for the same property. Following the previous successful application we wanted to re-design aspects of the scheme in a way that responded better to the needs of the homeowners by adding more useful habitable space to the property. At the same time we improved access to light and we introduced a pair of circular windows that reflected the historic character of the property and of the area as well.

This is what the planners and the conservation officer said about our proposals in regards to these alterations and extension to a house in conservation area Harrow HA5:

Character and Appearance and impact on the Conservation Area

The Council’s Conservation Officer has reviewed the scheme and has raised no concerns regarding the impact on the host building or the wider conservation area, subject to the proposed rooflight being conditioned to be conservation grade (i.e. flush with the roofslope).

The proposed revisions are considered to be minor in nature and have no adverse impact on the appearance of the host building. The proposed front porch is modest in size and scale and is not an unusual feature to see of similar property types in the wider area. The design and style complements the appearance of the host building with low level brick walls and pitched roof.

Infilling of the existing rear covered veranda area is acceptable as the building envelope will not be changed. The veranda is an existing feature and is partially open. Infilling the open element with a window does not substantially alter the appearance of the building and it is located at rear ground floor level so has minimal visual impact if seen from neighbouring properties.

The proposed replacement of approved refer with side hung tiles within the gable end is acceptable and replicates the side hung tiles visible on the rear projecting gable at first floor level. As such, they are a feature which compliments the design of the host building.

The other alterations to windows/doors on the front and side elevations are modest and do not adversely impact the design or appearance of the host building or the character and appearance of the wider conservation area.

In summary, the proposal would be in keeping with to the character and appearance of the existing dwelling and the street scene, in accordance with National Planning Policy Framework (2021), Policies D3 and HC1 of the London Plan (2021), Core Policy CS1 (B) of the Harrow Core Strategy (2012), policies DM 1 and DM7 of the Harrow Development Management Policies Local Plan (2013) and the adopted Supplementary Planning Document: Residential Design Guide (2010).“